Meet the Romualdo siblings, Carl and Princess. They have been attending our Barretto Youth Group for almost two years now. Previously, they didn’t really talk to anyone because they were too shy to engage with others. But now, Carl is one of the selected core leaders of our Barretto youth group, and Princess is learning how to lead a prayer.
“I am a really shy person; that’s why I do not have lots of friends, but attending our Youth Group gives me the chance to gain a lot of friends. Also, I really do not know how to pray in front of others, but I learned how to do it with all my heart. Although I was still a bit shy up until now, I know that I have improved a lot,” says Princess.
“Growing up without a father has been a challenge for me because I have to do all things without my biological father’s guidance, to the point that it really makes me cry. But attending Barretto Youth Group has made me realize that I always have a Father, Jesus Christ, who has always been there beside me since the beginning,” shares Carl.
Carl and Princess live near the mountains in Subic. They need to cross a river to attend our weekly Bible study in Barretto. If it is raining, the water in the river rises, but according to them, it is never a hindrance because they want to have a deeper connection with the Lord.