Community Ministries


The Upper Room Youth Group aims to inspire and encourage individuals from ages 12-20 years old in reaching their true potential. We hope by helping them discover who God has created them to be through meetings, fellowships, devotions, fun games, music lessons, group prayers, and bible studies. We also focus in nurturing, empowering, and transforming the youth to become key players in their community by letting them participate in our feeding programs, outreach programs, and other community service activities.




In partnership with the Department of Education, the Alternative Learning System strives to give free education to out-of-school youths, elementary and secondary dropouts, working people and determined individuals of any age who can’t afford formal schooling. We also help in the fundamentals of alleviating poverty and sustaining economic growth by providing the basic needs of our students such as a facility for learning, school supplies, and transportation fare for our learners. And most importantly, we concentrate on the mental and spiritual growth of each student by leading a weekly devotion.



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    “Education is the key to success” as the famous line states so we help students who are less privileged to reach their academic goals and achieve their chosen career path. We offer financial assistance and school supplies to deserving students from primary, secondary and college levels. The organization also focuses in guiding each sponsored student by helping them balance their education through fellowships and life group activities. Click for more details



    student sponsorship


    In the Landfill area, garbage plays a very significant role for the daily lives of the people who live there. Many men, women and teens spend their day scavenging for garbage that can be recycled. Then they sell it to recycling centers to earn barely enough to buy food for the next day.  These people are the poorest of the poor and hopelessness is prevalent. Project Life Subic aims to help in developing the quality of life in this community by offering livelihood programs such as free sewing training, giving free music classes, leading youth groups, and conducting bible studies. We are seeing many turn to Jesus and hope is filling their hearts!




      Wawandue is a barangay in the Town of Subic in the province of Zambales. There are many Muslim fishermen who live here on the waterfront, and fishing is the primary source of income for this area.

      We gather weekly in a small lot near the water with our attendees for our fellowships, worship, and bible studies. Our main objective is to encourage every attendee in understanding their deepest connections with God and lead their hearts toward spiritual growth. Many of the bible study attendees are now attending a local church on Sunday!



      sewing training
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      Project Life Subic offers free sewing training for those adults who are poor and unskilled.

      The main objective of this program is to enhance the quality of life of the participants by learning skills that will help them get a job. This can help them earn more income and become economically self-sufficient and independent and be able to provide for their family. We also help them to grow spiritually by providing prayer, devotions, and learning the word of God.


      Connectedness is one of the major goals of our young adult group. All of our participants have their unique backgrounds: professionals, workers, college students, single, married, newcomers and more. No matter how diverse our attendees are, we aim to foster their Christian Lives by connecting them to Jesus Christ. We also help young adults develop their relationships with peers who share similar values and beliefs. They strengthen their faith by gathering together to learn more about the God and scripture and how to apply it to their lives!

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      Many common diseases are preventable through education. Project Life Subic provides health education to men, women and children who then share their knowledge with their families and neighbors. Pregnancy and childbirth information is also taught to help lower the high maternal/infant mortality rates common in the Philippines.

      We also conduct medical and dental outreaches in the local barangays (neighborhoods) and jails as needed.

      We have taught people in poor communities how to provide clean water for themselves with rain catchment and filters. They have also learned about building sanitation facilities where they have no toilets.

      Project Life Subic also provides disaster relief when needed with the distribution of food and clothing.