Carmela C. is a 30-year-old resident of Olongapo City’s landfill community. She had to drop out of school in 7th grade to help her family earn money. She now shares her life with her 34-year-old husband and their four children, and they live close to the landfill site. Previously, Carmela worked as a garbage scavenger, and would also sell street food to supplement their income. Her husband also scavenges the garbage dump, looking for anything he can sell to recyclers. They are both hard working and committed to providing for their family. Despite their hard work and dedication, life remains exceedingly tough for Carmela and her family. The combined earnings from their roles as garbage collectors prove insufficient to sustain their daily needs, with a primary concern being securing enough food for their family. As a result, Carmela has been purchasing “pagpag,” to feed her family. At a cost of 50 pesos for one kilogram, these items may be perceived as scraps by some, but to Carmela, they represent a lifeline for survival. However, Carmela’s story is not solely one of hardship but also of hope and community involvement. She actively participates in the weekly Bible study held in the landfill area, demonstrating her strong faith and desire to grow spiritually. Additionally, Carmela had the opportunity to train at our free Sewing Training Program at the landfill center. She now has a skill that can help her find employment as a seamstress, a job that could help her earn a better income and provide healthier food for her family. In her own words, Carmela reflects on the impact of Project Life Subic in her life, (translated):, “Project Life Subic has played a big role in transforming my life. Beyond the many changes brought about by the Lord, this organization has equipped me with the tools to strengthen my relationship with Jesus. I am very grateful for the mission of Project Life Subic, which extends a helping hand to impoverished individuals like me. They help facilitate positive changes and enable us to break free from the harsh realities of our past. All thanks to the grace of the Lord.” Carmela’s story is a testament to the extraordinary power of faith, resilience, and the support of a caring community. She shines as a beacon of hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.