Student Sponsorship



  • 1.5 million Filipino children are out of school because of extreme poverty.

  • 37 out of 100 students drop out of school before reaching grade 6 due to lack of  finances.

  • Education is an important  key to unlocking poverty.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty!

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Many impoverished children are at risk of dropping out of school due to lack of funds for fees, uniforms and transportation. Sponsoring a child or youth is a way for you to positively impact their life and their future! They can become adults who can provide for themselves and their own families and help their communities in a healthy, productive way.

How We Help:

This program provides school fees, uniforms with shoes, books and school supplies, and school project fees. For some high school students we may also provide public transportation costs to and from school if the school is not within walking distance.

The parents or guardian of the student are encouraged to help the child to study and also attend parent /teacher meetings. The students and parents are also responsible to submit a copy of the student’s report card to Project Life Subic every semester. Sponsored students and their family members also attend a weekly Project Life Subic activity.  Our sponsorship coordinator meets monthly with the student to assess progress and needs. Tutoring is also available to the students who need further help.

How you can be involved…

First, choose either an individual student in regular elementary or high school, or College. Email us and we will send you a confirmation and payment options.
You will receive a photo and bio-data about your student. You will also be receiving a thank you note from your student, and a letter and school progress reports twice a year. To protect your privacy and the privacy of our students, all correspondence will go through our office. Please feel free to send an encouraging note or card to your student if you would like to.

Costs per month: