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In response to the stresses and challenges faced by many Philippine pastors and cross cultural missionaries, we provide care, hospitality and counseling to those in need.

Many cross cultural missionaries have special needs that arise from serving in a cross-cultural situation. They struggle with cultural adaptation, isolation and loneliness. Some deal with conflict with other missionaries and staff. They interact with people who not only speak a foreign language, but think and process differently. Missionaries are suffering from “Burn out” at alarming rates, with 1 out of 14 (6,100) leaving the field every year.

The rate of attrition is also high for pastors. Pastors are sometimes overwhelmed by the demands of their ministry. The focus of member care is to help restore them to physical, mental and spiritual wholeness so they can continue to be effective in ministry.

What we provide:

• Encouragement

• Coaching and counseling

• Facilitate planning and implementation of ministry goals

• Conflict resolution

• Conduct debriefings for re-entry, trauma, loss and grief

It is our hope to open a missionary and pastoral care home in the near future. We want to provide a peaceful place where missionaries and pastors can be refreshed and equipped to be more effective in the work the Lord has called them to. We would also like to conduct retreats where they can gather together to share, pray, worship and have recreation. Please join us in praying for this dream to become a reality!

Please contact us at mail@projectlifesubic.org for more information.