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What is community development? It is identifying leaders and empowering and strengthening community members to help themselves and others. The famous quote “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” is an underlying principle of community development. We want to see individuals trained and able to transform their own communities, not depend on an outside person or organization!

Our Community Development verse is found in Isaiah 61:4. Verses 1-3 describes what we as an organization felt called to do among the poor as we look at the devastation upon their lives. We are helping them learn, be equipped and heal. Then, in verse 4 it says

THEY will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated;
THEY will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.”

Over the last few years we have seen this happen. Currently, all aspects of ministry except Lightstrike (solar light project) and New Beginnings are run by our team from the poorer areas of the city. They have been mentored, changed from the inside out and equipped to make a difference in their own communities!


Project Life Subic is serving the poor of Olongapo City and Subic, Philippines.


Many common diseases are preventable through education. Project Life Subic provides health education to men and women who then teach their families and neighbors. Pregnancy and childbirth information is also taught to help lower the high maternal/infant mortality rates common in the Philippines. We have an on-going feeding and de-worming program for children and pregnant mothers and teach them about healthy nutrition.

Job Training and Livelihood Skills

Job training for the unskilled is essential in this community. Our Sewing Training Center has been established to train men and women to sew and use high speed commercial machines. Former garbage scavengers, local victims of human trafficking and other unskilled people are now trained and gainfully employed. The sewing training is also operating in the jail to give inmates job skills before they are released. Jewelry making and soap making have also been offered.

Our “LightStrike” events provide solar lights for families living in windowless shanties. With the simple installation of the solar soda bottle light, we have found that families are less apathetic, more productive, and their quality of life is greatly improved! We also conduct medical and dental outreaches in the local barangays (neighborhoods) and jails, and provide clean water and sanitation projects as needed.


Education is an important key to breaking the cycle of poverty. We have an education sponsorship program to help the children and youth attend elementary and high school, as well as college. Through our collaboration with the Philippine Department of Education, we now conduct an Alternative Learning System Program for those former school drop outs who want to earn a high school diploma. We also offer weekly English lessons and music classes.


Spiritual needs are addressed through a variety of weekly bible-based activities such as the Matain Women’s Fellowship and two Youth Groups. We also have New Beginnings Fellowship, designed to reach out and encourage the local bargirls. We provide a caring and loving environment for people of all ages to be strengthened spiritually and emotionally. Many lives are being transformed through the love of Christ!

We collaborate with churches, local government, public agencies and private organizations to bring much needed services to our community. Our goal is to identify, empower, and strengthen community members to help themselves and others. We teach people to access resources and equip them to share the knowledge within their own communities. As we humbly work together, we will see lives radically changed and communities transformed. It’s time to get involved!

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